Scout Leadership Course

This version of the Scout Leadership Course materials was compiled and produced by Scouts Australia New South Wales in conjunction with the National Scout Program Delivery Team. The NSPDT recognised the need to revise the materials available for the course across Australia. New South Wales responded to this need by reviewing the currently available resources and working with youth members and leaders to develop a new course content.

In developing this resource, the support of a number of people and resources is acknowledged:

  • The NSW State Mindari, in particular, the then Regional Commissioner’s – Scouts for Sydney North, Greater Western Sydney and Hume.
  • Participants in the first trial course at Sydney North, July 2008.
  • The State Patrol Leaders Conference 2007.
  • Youth members from Sydney North, Greater Western Sydney and Hume Regions who participated in surveys and studies of the materials.
  • Members of the National Youth Program Team for the Scout and Venturer Sections.

The following resources were used for ideas in this course:

  • Venturer Scout Section Unit Management Course Training Manual Scouts Australia Queensland Branch (March 2002)
  • Triple S (Scout Section Skills) Leader Information Booklet Scouts Australia Queensland Branch (2004)
  • Scout Leadership Skills Course Scouts Australia Scouts of Western Australia (2007)
  • Developing Leadership Skills (from practical ideas for Scout Troops) Scouts Australia Victorian Branch (1996)
  • Hawkesbury District Scout Leadership Course Handout Booklet Scouts Australia Greater Western Sydney Region (2006)
  • Scout Leadership Course Notes and Handouts Scouts Australia New South Wales Branch (2006)
  • Patrol Leader Leadership Course Notes and Handouts Scouts Australia New South Wales Branch (1995)
  • The Scout Record Book The Scout Association of Australia (2003)
  • Scouts Australia website


Material is available from DropBox.
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The current version of the course material is RIV 1.1 dated 05/17