Effective District Scout Leading

This scheme was introduced in 2008 to support the work of new and existing District Scout Leaders. There are several modules in the scheme focusing on different areas of the role. District Leaders negotiate with their Regional Commissioner Scouts to decide which modules are most relevant to their situation. The modules are designed to be practical in nature and completed in any order by individuals or small groups of participants. Each Module is structured in the same way but with different expected outcomes, working methods and support materials as appropriate.

Module Structure

Each module in the scheme follows the same basic structure, both in written layout and purpose.  Each module is supported by a written document containing:

  • A module overview
  • Regional Commissioner Youth Program’s Briefing
  • Participant Briefing
  • Module Resources
  • Module Completion and Feedback

Each module also supports learning and development at three levels:

  1. High order skills, thinking and learning
  2. Personal development
  3. Practical activities

The high order skills are implicit in the modules design whereas the personal development and practical activities are more explicit in the resources provided.


All modules are PDF documents: pdf