Areas of Personal Growth, the Scout Method and Program Planning

This program is an abridged version of a program developed by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) to address the changing needs of development of our youth members and the methods we incorporate in our programs to achieve success.

To some of our scouting Leaders this program will simplly be an update, while to the others it will be a reinforcement of the methods used every day in their Scouting life.

By ensuring the AoPG and our method are the basis of everything that we do in Scouting we can guarantee that we will provide quality programs for our youth members across all sections.

Areas of Personal Growth and Scout Method‘ Presentation –  click here to review a copy of the presentation each Leader across Australia is being offered to help prepare our movement for the future.

Please use this document in conjunction with the Scout Section program and planning tools developed by Scouts Australia.


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Understanding the Scout Method and About the program ‘AoPG’ Download


As part of the deliverable three documents are being made available for Section Leaders to download and use on a weekly, term and annual basis to help with Program Planning.

“Just before the start of each term the Troop Council should meet to review the success of the program to know what activities worked well and to know what changes need to occur to the program for the next term.”

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Weekly Planner Download Download
Term Planner Download Download
Long Term Planner Download Download