Dear Troop Council,

Australian Scout Medallion The role of the Troop Council

Thank you for acting as the governing body of your Scout Troop and the program of which it runs. A large part of your program revolves around the Scout Award scheme with its peak achievement being the Australian Scout Medallion

As the governing body of your Scout Troop and the youth of a ‘youth leading, adult supporting’ organisation it now falls to you to uphold the values and significance of the Australian Scout Medallion.


This will begin with a Scout from your Troop coming to your Troop Council with an outline of a leadership activity they wish to complete for this award. This should be outlined on the ASM Leadership Activity Proposal form.

You will need to review their outlined submission and ensure;

  • It is an activity that will challenge them and their individual leadership capabilities.
  • It provides an opportunity for the youth member to do something ‘out of their normal day life’.
  • It is an activity that gives back to the world in some way.
  • They have submitted an Australian Scout Medallion application form with their activity outline. (This can be found on the Patrol Tent website).
  • The timeline allows for the Scout to complete their leadership activity and have their completion report submitted to Troop Council before the date of their 15th Birthday. Note: Always good to ensure a little extra time, rather than exactly the right amount to allow for some constructive criticism of the proposal before hand or the report afterwards.


Now you have approved the leadership activity as an acceptable activity for the level of award, you need to support your fellow Scout in whatever way possible. This might be working with them to get the activity up and running or it might simply be attending the event as a participant.

Whilst the Scout is busy organising and running this activity, you can always help out by taking photos and some notes you might like to share with your fellow Scout before they complete their report. Photos are an important part of the award ceremony upon completion of the ASM. After the leadership activity has been approved, the Troop Council and Scout Leader will be asked to submit 3 to 4 photos of the awardee that are at least 1mb in size. There should also be at least one ‘action shot’ of the awardee from the leadership activity or their Adventurer Level Journey.


Once the leadership activity is completed, the Scout will need to come back to the Troop Council with a report of their activity and the experience it provided them and a completed Notification of Achievement form.

NOTE: Depending on time and schedule of the Troop Council meetings, a special meeting may need to be convened to make this happen in time for the youth member to achieve their Australian Scout Medallion.

As a Troop Council you are expected to take the following points into consideration when reviewing the leadership activity for approval.

  • Has the activity report been submitted to the Troop Council before the individuals 15th Birthday for review?
  • Has the activity report which has been undertaken challenged and provided the individual a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills?
  • Did they involve all the right people in the activity to make it happen?
  • Can you see the following elements in the report:
  • Planning – the what, how, who, when and where
  • Coordination – the identification of people, places and resources required
  • Delegation – the assignment of tasks to others who have been delegated directly to complete the tasks
  • Execution – the actual doing and performance of the Leadership Activity
  • Did the Scout provide reflections on things they learnt along the way?
  • Can they report on ways in which they might approach some part of their activity differently in the future and why?

As a governing body you all need to remember that everyone is an individual and as such so are their talents and abilities. You must review each activity and application as per that of the Scout whose activity it is. (E.g. what may be easy for one person to organise (a Cub Camp) could be quite difficult for someone else).


After reviewing and approving the activity report you will need to double check that the following items are completed and documented within the Scout’s Green Book for AWARDING OF THE Australian Scout Medallion to occur. It is important to remember a Scout may complete their Leadership Activity before the remaining criteria is compete. You will need to manage this process to ensure as soon as all requirements are met you submit the correct forms and allow the awarding of the Adventurer Cord and ASM.

  • Has the Scout achieved their Adventurer Level Cord with specific reference to completion of their Adventurer level journey?
  • Has the Scout attended a Basic Scout Leadership Course?

Once you have approved the activity report, your chair person/ secretary should notify the Scout of the outcome and complete the ASM Award Application form available from Patroltent. You should advise the Scout of the next State ASM presentation date that they will attend. Note: The dates for the next ASM presentation can be found on the calendar on The Patrol Tent website.

The completed ASM Award Application Form should be emailed with a copy of the Scout’s ASM report to NSW State Office and to your Regional Commissioner Scouts as outlined on the reverse of the form. This is not for their approval, but to assist them, in consultation with your Scout Leader, to write your Troop members citation and to have an Australian Scout Medallion ordered.

The Scout, in consultation with their Scout Troop and Leader, then has the choice of where and by whom they would like their Australian Scout Medallion to be presented, before the State ASM presentation.

This could be at a local or district Scout night, a region event, have some connection to the project itself or a celebration evening prepared by the youth member’s home group. This is up to the youth member.

This is an exciting and prestigious achievement of which should be celebrated to the fullest degree!

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FORM: ASM-003 ISSUE: RIV 1.2 DATE: 02/18