Dear Scout Leader,

Australian Scout Medallion The role of the Scout Leader

Thank you for providing the guidance to the youth member whom wishes to achieve his/her Australian Scout Medallion.  As the Troop Council is the governing body of your troop, your main role in this process will be to guide the Troop Council through their process (Australian Scout Medallion, Role of the Troop Council) and to support the Youth member who wishes to achieve this award.

As a leader of a ‘youth leading, adult supporting’ organisation the success of our youth is based on the support we are able to provide them with to achieve their goals.

The success for each youth member whom attempts this award may look different depending on the style of leadership activity they take on, the leadership capabilities they have and the outcomes they achieve.

Your process will look like:


  • Your Scout coming to you showing an interest in completing their ASM.
  • If the Scout is struggling to come up with a leadership activity that is suitable, you may wish to provide them with a couple of different ideas to get their brainstorming happening.
  • Once your Scout decides on a leadership activity, empower them to put together a brief outline of what their activity is and how they are going to manage and lead the activity. Perhaps a Who, What, Where, When and Why, approach would work here.
  • Ensure the Scout is aware of and can complete their leadership activity and report before  the day of their 15th Birthday.
  • Guide your Scout to make a meeting with the Troop Council to present their activity idea for approval and be there to support them through this process. They may wish to have another troop member there with them. Let and encourage them to lead this process.


  • Once approved by the Troop Council, assist the Scout as the Scout requests.
  • Encourage the Scout to get lots of photo’s/video’s throughout the activity to enable reporting and documentation of it and the different stages it included.


  • After the leadership activity has occurred ensure the Scout creates a report (in the format of their choice) to present to the Troop Council in a timely manner. The sooner they do this the fresher the details will be for them to recall.
  • The main thing to check the Scout includes is their key learning’s. What have they learnt, what would they do differently next time and why, what worked well and why?
  • Once the leadership activity report has been approved by the Troop Council the Scout will need to decide on the style and date of their local ASM presentation. They may need your guidance here.
  • The Troop Council will advise the Scout of the State ASM presentation date (located in the calendar on the Patrol Tent Website) of which they will be invited too.
  • The Troop Council will also send a copy of the Scouts report to the Regional Commissioner, Scouts, in conjunction with the Scout Leader, to write a citation for this youth member and to allow the Regional Commissioner Scouts to order the Scout Medallion.

This is an exciting and prestigious achievement of which should be celebrated to the fullest degree!

Thank you for engaging with the youth to empower them in this process. Your adult support of a youth led organisation is admirable.

ASM Role of the Scout Leader PDF

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FORM: ASM-002 ISSUE: RIV 1.0 DATE: 04/17