Dear Youth Member,

Australian Scout Medallion The role of the Scout

How encouraged we feel to hear that you wish to attempt your Australian Scout Medallion. It is considered the pinnacle of the Scout section award scheme and will be a milestone in your Scouting life.

To assist in guiding you through completing your leadership activity we have put together the following information for you.

The first thing to know is that the Leadership Activity should be something that enables you to show significant personal development while demonstrating an active leadership role.

This involves the planning and organisation of an activity or event that covers a minimum of one full day or overnight.

To be awarded your Australian Scout Medallion, you need to make sure you already hold your Adventurer Level Cord, have completed a Scout Leadership Course and have enough time to complete your proposed leadership activity and report before the day of your 15th Birthday.


This will begin with you;

  1. Developing an idea/concept for your Leadership activity. Some examples could be;
    • Organising & running a Troop Camp (Including program, menu and gear).
    • Restoring the Scout Hall to its former glory. (Fundraising, contracting workers, managing a budget, organising a date & rations for the day, etc)
    • Organising and running an Open Day about Scouting for home schooled youth
    • Creation of a Jamboree Troop Magazine
    • A linking Camp (Cubs first camp with Scouts)
    • A Community out-reach weekend. (Visiting a couple of nursing homes and spending time with residents, maybe taking well behaved pets in to meet residents, performing skits, etc.
    • Service Day (Going out to a local shelter and assisting with a group of Scouts for the day as they need).
  2. Once a concept is decided upon you will need to put together an activity proposal to take to your Troop Council for review and approval which should include the below;
    • What the proposed activity is to be
    • Where and when it will take place
    • How is it going to be organised
    • Who has or will be delegated which tasks to perform
    • What are your outcomes
      NOTE: You will need to make sure that you organise a date and time with your Troop Council to present this proposal. Ensure you Scout Leader can be present at this Troop Council also as they will be supporting you through this process
  3. Along with this proposal you will need to include/provide a completed Leadership Activity application form (which can be found on the Patrol Tent website). You will need to make sure that a member of your Troop Council has signed this form to enable you to start and complete your leadership activity.


As this is your leadership activity you are the manager of its process and how it is to be completed. Your Scout Leader and Troop Council will encourage and support you to use the below skills to do this.


  • Planning – the who, what, when, where and how
  • Coordination – the identification of people, places and resources required
  • Delegation – the assignment of tasks to others, who will then be directing the completion of specific tasks
  • Allocation – the efficient collection, distribution and utilisation of resources needed to successfully complete the leadership activity
  • Execution – the actual conduct and performance of the activity
  • Assessment – the review of the activity in your chosen format.

Your leadership activity, once completed, will need to be organised into a report.

Each activity is different, has different successes, problems, outcomes and reflections. As each Scout is an individual and each leader has differing strengths, each Scout’s report will differ too.

It is up to you as to the format you would like to present your report in. As long as it includes the relevant information, the format is your choice. This could be a written report, a slide show, a video compilation or a printed formal review.

This report will be how your leadership activity is evaluated by your Troop Council for final approval. The below items are what you should consider including in your log

  • Your original leadership activity idea (Your Proposal)
  • Evidence of planning and discussions
  • Meeting notes, emails, text message screen shots
  • Challenges and successes you had in the planning stages
  • How you used your people resources – tasks delegated, jobs asked of others
  • What Scouting and non-Scouting resources you used
  • The physical resources needed and how they were obtained
  • Photos from the project
  • Looking back at the Leadership Activity – your reflections on how it went
  • Changes you made along the way and why
  • A run-down on the actual Leadership Activity covering such items as
  • The plan for the actual Leadership Activity
  • Did the actual activity go as planned?
  • What changes did you need to make ‘on the day’ and why?
  • What went wrong and why?
  • What went very well and why?
  • Would you make any other changes if you did it again?
  • Photos/videos of your process/activity
  • Overall, how did you meet your objectives?

It is important that you allow for more time, rather than just enough to complete your Leadership Activity and Log. This will ensure that if the Troop Council requests more of you in activity choice, proposal or report, you have time to do so without rushing.


To be awarded your Australian Scout Medallion, you will need to ensure the following three things:

  1. You have completed your Scout Leadership Course.
  2. Achieved and have been awarded your Adventurer Level Cord
  3. Demonstrated your Leadership abilities through your leadership activity. This is when the Troop Council has approved your formal activity report.

Once you and the Troop Council confirm the above three requirements of the ASM have been achieved, the Troop Council will advise you of the next Australian Scout Medallion State  presentation date to which you will be invited to attend.

You now have a choice (in consultation with the Troop Council) of how, where and by whom you would like your medallion to be presented.

This could happen at a local group or district night/event, at a region camp or perhaps a more intimate gathering of those you performed the Leadership Activity with or the venue you organised  it around. So many possibilities so make sure you consider these, deciding what is best for you.

The Troop Council will, with the guidance of your Scout Leader, contact your Region Commissioner, Scouts to have a Medallion ordered for you and provide them a copy of your report to enable a citation to be written for your presentation and certificate. This citation will be written by both the Regional Commissioner, Scouts together with your Scout Leader.

The certificate will be presented at the State Presentation by the State Commissioner, Scouts.

Congratulations on getting this far in your award scheme. Remember there is lots of help out there to assist you achieve your ASM. Your Troop Council, Scout Leader, previous recipients in your group, local Youth Council just to name a few. Your ASM is not meant to be a hard task. It is meant to be FUN… Ensure you continue to enjoy scouting and enjoy your activity as much as everyone in attendance will.

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FORM: ASM-001 ISSUE: RIV 1.0 DATE: 04/17