AJ2019 – Scouts – Your Invitation to the Ultimate Scouting Adventure

From: AJ2019 Scouts NSW Contingent Communications
Sent: October 2017
To: All Scouts in NSW eligible to attend AJ2019
Subject: AJ2019 – Your Invitation to the Ultimate Scouting Adventure

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Dear Scout,

Imagine a really big Scout camp. No, even bigger!

Now put hundreds of those really big Scout camps together.

That’s Australian Jamboree 2019 – the BIGGEST Scout event in Australia – and you’re invited!

This is your chance to experience the best of Scouting over 10 action-packed days of fun and excitement. AJ2019 is the ultimate Scouting experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Where and When?

The 25th National Australian Scout Jamboree is on from 4 to 13 January 2019 at the brand new $100 million Bend Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend, the Murraylands, South Australia.

Over 10,000 Scouts from all across Australia and the world will make the Jamboree campsite South Australia’s fourth largest town – imagine the new friends you’ll make!

Here’s just some of your AJ2019 Experience!

stadium shows live nightly entertainment lots of food dance parties market day dress-ups high ropes concerts circus training flying and gliding land yachting, solar and pedal car racing on the V8 supercar track water activities on the nearby rivers BMX racing on the rally track

You’ll also enjoy three days of off-site activities in places that include the Murraylands, a wide game in Adelaide city and the River Torrens, and an overnight patrol activity at the Woodhouse Activity Centre in the Adelaide Hills.

You’ll share this amazing adventure with your friends camping together as part of a Jamboree Troop of about six patrols (36 Scouts) and five adult leaders.

Australian Jamboree is amazing fun, but also an experience that will develop your teamwork, leadership, resilience and social skills. It’s learning the Scouting way – by doing!

Don’t Miss Out!

The Australian Jamboree is a massive event that is only held every three years so most Scouts have just this one opportunity to attend.

To go to AJ2019 you must be under 15 years of age before 4 January 2019, have earned your Scout Pioneer badge (or Milestone One and Stage 3 Core Outdoor Skills for YPR New Program ‘Pioneer’ Groups) by October 2018, and have camped under canvas for 10 nights as a Scout at a Scout activity with three of those nights being consecutive.

You’ve got over a year to get ready – that’s plenty of time!

Are you ready for the fun, adventure and friendship? APPLY NOW!

Applications for AJ2019 are open now! Go to https://applications.aj2019.com.au/

The cost is $1855. This includes all activities, food, camping, transport – everything you need (except Air Activities). Also included is a NSW Contingent 90L bag for all your stuff, a 20L daypack for when you’re out and about, and a hat, scarf, AJ2019 shirt, badge, and identity tag.

You don’t have to pay all at once – the first payment ($570) is due with application by 16 March 2018, the second payment ($645) by 31 July 2018, and the final payment ($640) by 30 September 2018. If you’re able to tuck away $169 per month for the next 11 months, you’ll have enough to cover your Scout fee to Jamboree – and that’s without fundraising!

Want to Know More?

There’s lots of FAQs, details on transport, a packing list, and heaps more AJ2019 information at www.patroltent.com. Have a look and you’ll quickly become an AJ2019 expert!

We’ll also be keeping you up to date and sharing the AJ2019 adventure with news, photos and videos so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Apply now at https://applications.aj2019.com.au/.

We look forward to seeing you at AJ2019!

Ian Petty
AJ2019 NSW Contingent Leader
Chris Buggie
NSW State Commissioner – Scouts

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