Timeline for the Scout

Allow at least 10 weeks before your 15th birthday to plan and conduct your journey, write your log, and submit it to the Troop Council. The journey should occur at least 2 weeks before your birthday so you have enough time to write your log and have it approved by the Troop Council. It’s best to allow more time in case something prevents you from starting the journey on time. Use the timeline below to help you plan. It’s just a guide – change it if necessary, and include your version in the log you submit.



weeks before the
journey (at least 10
weeks before your 15th birthday)

  • Start to plan journey.
  • Discuss with your Scout Leader (an Adult Leader who is familiar with the Scout Section and the Scout Award Scheme, not necessarily the Leader in charge of your Troop):
  • Journey types (Hike, canoe, bicycle)
  • Possible location / route
  • Journey date
  • Who to invite as your journey patrol
  • Ask to have a Journey Advisor appointed
  • Find out when the Troop Council meets (so you can allow enough time to get their approval before you go)


weeks before the journey

  • Talk to your Journey Advisor
  • Arrange a meeting date within the next two weeks (a parent or guardian should also come to the meeting)
  • Confirm a route if possible
  • Finalise route and journey date (if possible).


weeks before the journey

  • Finalise route and journey date
  • Obtain & study maps and other information about journey route
  • Begin route plan – ask your Scout Leader for help if necessary
  • Invite journey patrol members (from your own Troop and/or other Troops) and discuss your plans
  • Develop Patrol and personal gear lists
  • Plan menu with journey patrol members
  • Check for food allergies or intolerances


weeks before the journey

  • Meet with Journey Advisor
  • Review navigation
  • Bring route plan, gear lists and menu
  • Bring copies of maps


weeks before the journey

  • Make any changes requested by the Journey Advisor to your route plan, escape plans, gear lists etc.
  • Finalise costs of gear, food, transport, booking and/or park fees
  • Prepare Activity Notification forms (E1 Parts 1 & 2, E1 Part 3)
  • Get your Scout Leader to check and sign them
  • Distribute Activity Notification forms to journey patrol, Scout Leader, Journey Advisor
  • Check who else needs a copy of the forms – your Group Leader, Region Offices etc.? (Ask your Scout Leader or Journey Advisor about this)
  • Find out if you need to notify the Police, National Parks & Wildlife Service, Rural Fire Service, Forestry Corporation or private landholders, etc. about your journey and do so if necessary
  • Make a date to meet with the Troop Council


weeks before the journey

  • Review journey route and maps, gear, food, transport arrangements with your Scout Leader.
  • Check with journey patrol members:
  • Do they have gear on the personal gear list?
  • Confirm gear, food, transport arrangements
  • Discuss what gear you need with the Scout Leader or Group Quartermaster. Arrange to hire/borrow journey gear as necessary.


weeks before the journey

  • Arrange 2nd meeting with Journey Advisor if necessary
  • Obtain approval from Journey Advisor to commence Journey
  • Obtain approval from Scout Leader to gain overall approval of your plans so far
  • Meet with Troop Council to obtain their approval for the proposed journey
  • Begin monitoring weather in the journey area


week before the journey

  • Continue watching the weather
  • Collect the Patrol gear and any hired or borrowed gear
  • Purchase food
  • Meet with your patrol:
  • Collect signed permission forms
  • Check medical, dietary & emergency details
  • Check what they have packed. Get them to remove unnecessary items; note anything missing.
  • Weigh each person & their pack
  • Distribute patrol gear and food & check weights again


day before the journey





  • Don’t forget to take notes for your log
  • Take photos or ask someone else to
  • Have fun!


week after the journey

  • Complete journey log.

    • Forms, route plan, maps, risk assessment, gear lists, menu, weather information
    • What actually happened on the journey
    • What you learned
    • What you might do differently
    • Consider asking your patrol members for feedback
    • Photos


weeks after the journey 

  • Submit to Troop Council for approval (or earlier if ready)
  • When the log is approved and all your badge work is complete, set a date for presentation of your Adventurer Cord Journey
  • Don’t forget to thank your patrol and everyone who helped you

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