The role of the Troop Council


The Scout will complete each of the PLAN – DO – REVIEW phases for their Adventurer level journey.
The Troop Council’s main role lies in the planning and review phases.

– PLAN –

The Troop Council’s role BEFORE the hike

See the Troop Council Pre-journey Checklist

  • Assess the suitability of a Scout to attempt an Adventurer Level Journey
    • This involves checking the Scouts previous hiking experience (or canoeing or cycling experience if the journey is by canoe or bicycle)
    • Has the Scout completed the relevant badgework that will prepare them for the journey?
    • Does the Scout have sufficient First Aid training?
  • Has the Scout enough time to plan and complete the journey and report back to the Troop Council before their 15th birthday?
  • Assess the suitability of the proposed journey
    • Is it in unfamiliar terrain (i.e. the Scout has not done that journey before)?
    • Is it long enough? ·30 km or over for a hike ·12 hours total travel time for a canoe or bicycle journey i.e. the total time spent actually paddling or cycling over the three days of the journey must be at least 12 hours. It doesn’t include sleeping or travel to and from the journey location.
    • Does it provide a reasonable challenge to the Scout leading the journey?
  • Assess the suitability of the proposed journey participants
    • Are there 4 or more other Scouts going in addition to the Scout leading it? It is better to have more people since one or two may drop out. Eight is the usual maximum party size.
    • Are they capable of completing the proposed route?
  • Have all the required forms, notifications and permissions been done?
  • Has the Scout Leader spoken with the Journey Advisor and received their support that everything is in order from the Journey Advisors point of view?
  • Has the Scout Leader* given approval for the Scout to commence their journey?
    • This approval is crucial. The Scout CANNOT commence the journey without this approval.

The Troop Council may need to schedule a special meeting to consider approval for a Scout to attempt their Adventurer Level Journey. The journey shouldn’t be delayed by waiting for approval from the Troop Council.

– DO –

The Troop Council should actively:

  • Encourage the Scout
  • Support the hike – perhaps by participating or promoting it to others
  • Remind the Scout about completing their log
  • Encourage the Scout to attempt the Australian Scout Medallion if possible


The Troop Council’s role AFTER the journey

See the Troop Council Post-journey Checklist

  • Assess whether the Scout met the Adventurer Level Journey requirements
    • Was the journey the required length?-Was the team self-sufficient i.e. did they carry all the items required for the journey? This applies to all journeys – hikes, canoe expeditions and bicycle journeys.
    • Did the journey require at least two nights out-of-doors?
    • Was the journey in terrain unfamiliar to the Scout?
    • Were there at least four other Scouts on the journey (i.e. at least 5 scouts in total)?
    • Were lightweight equipment and foods used as far as practicable?
    • Was the journey monitored by an adult leader?
    • Were all Government and NSW Scout Branch rules and regulations complied with?
    • Was the journey completed? If not, were the reasons for not completing it reasonable?
    • Has the Scout demonstrated sufficient planning and leadership skills?
  • Has the Scout documented the process adequately?
    • The Scout Record Book says the journey should be reported by use of an illustrated log.
    • A log should contain information on planning, on what occurred during the journey, list who provided support, and include an assessment of what was learned. It may include maps, photos, a route plan, escape plans, a gear list, menus, forms, a risk assessment, and an assessment of both the route and the participants.
  • If the Troop Council is satisfied the requirements have been met they can sign off the Adventurer Level Journey in the Scout’s Scout Record Book.
  • If the Scout has completed all the other Adventurer level badgework the Troop Council should request that a date be set for presentation of the Adventurer Cord. Remember that a Scout doesn’t need to complete the Adventurer Level Journey before they start work on their Australian Scout Medallion. The Troop Council should encourage Scouts who are planning or have completed their Adventurer Level Journey to consider working towards the Medallion.

The Troop Council should be comfortable to ask a Leader for help or advice at any stage throughout the approval process. Leaders are there to support you, so ask for help if you need it. __________________________________________________________________________________________

*Note: The ‘Scout Leader’ acting as the Scout’s mentor for the journey may be the Leader in charge of your Troop, an Assistant Scout Leader, or other adult Leader familiar with the Scout Section, Scout Award Scheme and the journey requirements.

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