The role of the Journey Advisor

A Scout-centered process –Youth leading, Adults supporting

The Journey Advisor is a Leader:

  • With a minimum qualification of Basic Outdoor Skills (from basic leader training) or higher
  • With personal and recent knowledge of the proposed route or familiar with the area and able to access information on the current state of the route
  • For journeys other than hiking appropriate subject matter expertise is required e.g.
    • Water qualifications are required for canoe or sailing journeys: SIS 10 Guide Level
    • Experience in bicycle touring is required for advisors for bike hikes: similar to hike journey

The Journey Advisor should assess the suitability of the proposed journey given the skill level of the Scout. It should be challenging but within the capability of the Scout to complete safely. If the proposed journey is not suitable the Journey Advisor should suggest an alternative route, location or type of journey. This may require a different Journey Advisor with the appropriate experience and qualifications.

The Journey Advisor’s role is to assess the Scout’s skills and journey preparation. This should include:

  • Hiking experience (or canoeing / cycling experience for canoe expeditions or bike hikes)
  • Map reading and navigation skills at Adventure Award Level or better
  • Route plan and time estimates
  • Escape plans
  • Risk analysis
  • Menu and gear

The Journey Advisor should know the proposed route, or area, and be able to advise on:

  • Alternative routes
  • Campsite selection
  • Escape routes
  • Where to find water
  • Risk management (including communication plans – EPIRB, mobile phone etc.)
  • Weather analysis and assessment
  • The impact of the journey location, type and season / weather on menu and gear selection
  • Any specific permissions or permits required

The Journey Advisor’s role is to support, advise and assess. It may be necessary to coach the Scout in some areas. This may be the first time a Scout has had to develop a route plan, escape plans and risk analysis. Your role as the subject matter expert is ensure the scout has the required skills and preparation to complete their journey safely. Lead them through the process so that they develop skills they can use in the future.

The Journey Advisor should complete the Adventurer Level Journey Skills & Planning Checklist. When you are satisfied that the Scout’s preparation and skills are adequate sign the form and advise the Troop Council that the Scout has your approval to commence their journey.

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