Skills and Planning Checklist

Scout’s name: _______________________________ Troop: ________________________________



Yes / No

 Journey / route agreed upon
  • Suitable length? Hike: minimum 30 km hike. Canoe/cycle journeys: minimum 12 hours total travel
  • Is it in unfamiliar terrain (i.e. the Scout has not done that journey before)?
  • Appropriate challenge level for this Scout?




Navigation – these are Pioneer, Explorer & Adventurer Campcraft skills which the Scout must know
  • Map reading skills: understands scale, legend, grid references, contour lines, map dates
  • Knows relationship between true, magnetic and grid north
  • Compass skills: knows how to set and follow a bearing, allow for magnetic declination etc.
  • Can orientate a topographic map by compass and physical features
  • Knows how to navigate between two points in the bush
  • Understands use and application of Naismith’s rule to route planning
  • Can establish location using back bearing, triangulation and resection




Route plan – should include the following
  • Grid references for start, finish, campsites, track intersections, creek crossings, major features etc.
  • Distance estimates for each leg of the journey
  • Time estimates for each leg of the journey (using Naismith’s Rule for a hike) including breaks
Escape plan
  • Escape routes identified and documented
  • Understands which routes to use in different situations e.g. to get help quickly, in a bushfire etc.
  • Risks identified and risk analysis form completed. See template form on NSW Scouts Webpage
  • Understands actions to take if party or members become lost or separated
  • Understands how to find and interpret weather information preceding journey
  • Understands how and when to use a Personal Locator Beacon / EPIRB
  • Understands Total Fire Ban rules and how to determine the fire risk status for the journey location
  • Understands the likely first aid risks and appropriate avoidance / treatments
  • Understands risks and procedures for personal hygiene during the journey
  • Understands the need for water purification / treatment
Identification of amenities
  • Campsites identified
  • Areas where water can be found identified
  • Areas where phone reception may be adequate identified
Gear lists – ensure lists are complete and appropriate and unnecessary weight is avoided
  • Patrol gear list
  • Personal gear
  • Emergency gear list (including Personal Locator Beacon / EPIRB, and mobile phone)
  • First aid supplies adequate for journey and conditions
  • Water purification supplies adequate for journey and conditions


Menus Yes/No
  • Menu adequate for proposed journey and season
  • Consideration given to food allergies or intolerances of participants
  • Consideration given to food preparation & selection in case of a Total Fire Ban



  • Scout E1 Part 3 form adequately completed (the Scout Leader will check E1 Parts 1 & 2)
  • Notification to local Police
  • Bookings (if required) e.g. campsites, transport etc.
  • Other (if needed): National Parks & Wildlife, Rural Fire Service, Forestry Corporation, permission to cross private land


  • Assesses the capabilities of party members before the journey
  • Understands how to monitor and maintain morale during journey
  • Has appropriate Water qualifications and skills for a canoe journey (if appropriate)
  • Has suitable knowledge and skills for a bicycle journey (if appropriate)


Approval of Plans to Commence Journey

Journey Advisor

Approved (yes / no): ___________________________ Date: ________________________________
Name: ______________________________________ Signature: _____________________________


Scout Leader*

Approved (yes / no): ___________________________ Date: ________________________________
Name: ______________________________________ Signature: _____________________________


*Note: The Scout Leader acting as mentor for the Scout may be the Leader in charge of the Troop, and Assistant Scout Leader, or other adult Leader familiar with the Scout Section, the Scout Award Scheme and the journey requirements.

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