Wanderee 2017

Location: Mt Irvine

Opening Parade: 11am, Thursday, 5th October 2017

Closing Parade: 2:30pm, Sunday, 8th October 2017

Closing Date for applications: Friday, 22nd September 2017.

About Wanderee:

Wanderee is a combined Map Reading, Navigation, bush walking and award scheme activity. Camping is at a fixed location and is on private property at Mt. Irvine. Scouts provide their own food and cook in Patrols. Fireplaces & hot water will be provided. Scouts navigate with daypacks to map referenced activity points where they will do ~2hrs badge work. Each Patrol to nominate in advance which of the activity points it will visit.

Wanderee is held at Mount Irvine in the Blue Mountains and in the adjoining Wollemi National Park. As part of a patrol you will camp for the duration of Wanderee at your designated “Sleep Point”. This is where you will pitch your tent and cook your meals for the duration of the camp.

Leaders will run each of the Activity Points (APs). Walks will be on Fire Trails or defined tracks through the Blue Mountains National Park surrounding Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine. Scouts will be instructed not to leave these under any circumstances. Scouts will walk between APs unattended. Prior to leaving HQ in the morning, each Patrol’s planned route for the day will be checked by a Leader. Patrols are registered in and out of APs. The PL and one other Scout may carry a mobile phone so they can call HQ should they need to. Reception is however patchy. Patrols will be instructed what to do in case of getting lost, fire, and other hazards or eventualities that might occur.


Scouts – $40.00
Venturers – $40.00 (Catered)
Leaders – $60 (Catered)


Proceed to Mount Wilson (there is no other way to Mt Irvine other than via Mt Wilson). Drive through Mt Wilson, passed Cathedral Reserve camping area towards Mt Irvine. Follow Mt Irvine Road to the intersection with Bowens Creek Road. Turn left on to Mt Irvine Road and follow the signs to “Wanderee”. After about two kilometers you will arrive at the entrance to 271 Mt Irvine Road, “Arellana”. There will be a Wanderee sign on this gate. This is the picturesque farm site that will be your home for the next four days and where you will have views all the way back to Sydney.  Once through the gate, follow the signs to the campsite.

Suggested Personal Gear:

  1. Rucksack with waterproof bag liner;
  2. Warm sleeping bag, inner sheet, sleeping mat, spare sleeping socks, extra sleeping thermals;
  3. Rain jacket to mid thighs or lower;
  4. Warm top & long pants, or shorts with Thermal long underwear;
  5. Two pairs sports shoes or walking shoes with warm socks (second pair could be Volleys);
  6. Change of underclothes/socks as required;
  7. Pullover/ warm jumper;
  8. Sun hat, Beanie, warm gloves;
  9. Water bottle, Mess kit – cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon, tea towel, scourer ;
  10. Torch;
  11. Personal toiletries kit
  12. Personal 1st Aid kit;
  13. Green Book, camera & notebook & pen;
  14. Cut lunch for Thursday.

Suggested Patrol Gear:

  1. Tent (hike or patrol); DO NOT BRING TENT PEGS, these will be provided.
  2. Separate Shelter;
  3. Billies/frying pan, cooking utensils;
  4. Food, matches; fuel stove? (at HQ you can cook on a wood fire, hot water provided, hot water will also be provided at Activity Points);
  5. Maps (Mt Wilson and Wollangambe 1:25000), compass, protractor, ruler, soft pencil, rubber, sealable plastic back to keep maps etc. dry;
  6. First aid Kit – to be carried with Patrol at all times.
  7. An A4 size map covering Mt Irvine will be provide to each patrol. Further information is provided on your application form.

Leaders/Adults Helpers

Leaders and Adult Helpers will be fully catered from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.  Adult Helpers will need to be registered with Scouts Australia and have a verified WWCC.


Philip Cooper
Assistant Region Commissioner Scouts – Sydney North Region
0404 801 220


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