State Rally 2016 – “Time Travel”

State Rally is the event for NSW Scouts in 2016.

  • Activities will be 1 hour long each, with the opportunity to sign off significant amounts of badge work – from Adventurer level down to Pioneer Target Badges, and Proficiency Badges.
  • All Scouts will camp in one of two locations for the whole weekend.
  • You will only need to carry a day pack between activities (not your tent and all your gear).
  • Camping and cooking will be as for hiking – lightweight tents, portable gas stoves.
  • There will be no cooking on fires, but there will be fire pits to sit around and talk
  • On Saturday evening you will have a choice of different evening activities to join in…or just sit around the fire drum watching the flicker of the flames… The planned evening activities include: as disco, movie, climbing wall and horizontal bungy!

Come and join us at Glenfield Scout Activity Centre for State Rally 2016!

Key Dates and Times:

  • Registrations are OPEN!
  • Patrol Early Bird Registration close3rd July 2016 at mid-night. Includes a 100 Bonus Points and a special registration fee of $25.00.  (If the entire Patrol payment is not received by mid-night 22nd July 2016 the 100 Bonus Points will be reversed and Late Payment Penalty of 100 points will also apply.
  • Patrol Registrations close – 2nd August 2016 at mid-night.  Payments received after 2nd August will have Late Payment Penalty points applied.
  • Leaders Registrations due by 2nd August 2016 at mid-night.  Late registration fee applies after this time.
  • State Rally Open for Leaders – 10.00am, 5th August 2016
  • State Rally Open for Patrol Arrival – between 6.00pm and 10.30pm, 5th August 2016
  • Closing Ceremony, 7th August 2016 at 1.30pm
  • Event Concludes, 7th August, 2016 at 2.00pm,


Scouts will be able to go back to their Troops with various Adventurer, Explorer and Pioneer activities completed. There may be some things to finish up in your home Troop, but Scouts will have proof of what you have already achieved!


Patrol Registrations are OPEN now!

Decide who is going to be in your Patrol in 2016, do you best to include Scouts who need to finish off Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer level Award Scheme work.

Address Details

Near corner of Moorebank and Cambridge Avenues.

Glenfield Scout Activity Centre

Site Address: near corner of Moorebank and Cambridge Avenue, Glenfield



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(Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Adult Helpers)