Advanced Scout Leadership Course
Hosted by Sydney North Region – May 2018

Location: Arrival at Normanhurst Scout Hall
Opening Parade: 7:45am, Saturday, 26th May 2018
Closing Parade: 3:00pm, Sunday, 27th May 2018
Closing Date for applications: Monday, 8th May 2018.
Registrations open now. Click Here

Wendy Farrell – Course Leader
PH: 0413 788 045

Alan Draper – Course Leader
PH: 0403 251 245

About The Course

The Advanced Scout Leadership Course is a residential course away from Normanhurst Scout Hall, designed for Scouts aimed to provide advanced and life leadership skills to build and develop on the skills learnt from the Basic Scout Leadership Course. The program is organised and run in line with the principles of scouting – it is practical, full of activities and based on the Patrol System. To ensure all participants have a great experience, this course is open to all Scout’s within NSW.

For the May 2018 intake, we are seeking Scouts who meet the eligibility criteria. PRIORITY will be based on:

  • Applications received by the closing date. Application forms must be complete and accurate to be accepted.
  • Full payment received; and
  • Applicants who missed out on previous courses.

The Advanced Scout Leadership Course is run by highly experienced Scout Leaders. They will be helping the Scouts learn and enjoy a range of day and night activities to develop their leadership skills. This course is primarily ‘Unsupervised’ with Youth Members working together, in a patrol to navigate in public open spaces. The activities are set to test Scouts initiative. There will be extended periods working as a Patrol, away from direct supervision of adults in unfamiliar areas. Youth will be hiking, catching public transport, completing challenges, preparing meals etc. with regular checkpoints during the day.

Scout Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a registered member of Scouts Australia NSW at the time of application and through till 31st May2018
  • Has consent from their parents/guardian
  • Has attained their Explorer Level in the Award Scheme (or close to it)
  • Displays an attitude that they are doing their best to keep the Scout Promise and Law
  • Is willing to participate fully in the course program
  • Is ‘fit’ for the course. (There is a substantial amount of walking to cover over the weekend)

How to Apply

Applications for the Advanced Scout Leadership Course must be completed and ‘submitted’ online. Online applications will close at midnight on 8th May 2018. Once you have ‘submitted’ your application, you then need to print it and:

  • Scouts: ensure that a parent and/or guardian (where applicable) signs the Agreement, Activities and Authority form and ticks the appropriate boxes for Activities, Authority and Court Order.
  • Leaders, Rovers and Other Adult Members: ensure that the Agreement, Activities and Authority form is signed by yourself.

Then SCOUT applicants need to obtain their Scout Leader’s signature.

ENSURE you bring your signed paperwork with you on the weekend. You will receive emails as your application proceeds through the system and remember, at any time you can contact the Course Leaders for assistance.


Scouts: $75.00*
Leaders: $0.00*

The cost of the weekend covers food, material, facility hire and accommodation. This fee does not include any merchant fees payable via the payment gateway.

Our PREFERRED method of payment is via the online application system*. Payment can be made as soon as you Submit your application.

If you are unable to pay via the online application system, you can make payment via Cash or Cheque. This payment MUST be received BEFORE Midnight 8th May 2018 with a print out of the Applicant Details page of your application. Please contact Wendy Farrell (Course Leader) on 0413 788 045 or if you wish to pay using this option.

*credit card fees may be applicable

Important Information


Location: Departing Normanhurst Scout Hall
Closing Date: Monday, 8th May 2018.
Registrations open now. Click Here