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About the NSW Contingent to AJ2016

NSW Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and eligible supporters who have applied and have been accepted into the Contingent by the Contingent Leader will together form the NSW Contingent to AJ2016.

The NSW Contingent is divided into several membership groups:

  • Scouts - eligible, registered Scout aged youth based members - the focus of the Jamboree
  • Venturers - eligible, registered Venturer aged youth members who attend the Jamboree as 'Junior Service Leaders'  ** UPDATED **
  • Rovers - eligible, registered Rovers and attend the Jamboree as 'Service Leaders'
  • Line Leaders - eligible, registered Adult Leaders who are one of five Jamboree Troop based Leaders
  • Service Leaders - eligible, registered Adult Leaders and are not Troop based
  • Other Adults - eligible, registered Adults (not Troop based)

Operationally, the NSW Contingent is divided into: Troop based members (Scouts and Line Leaders),  Junior Service Leaders (Venturers), Service Leaders (Rovers, Adult Leaders and Other Adults), Sub Camp Teams, JOC (the event organisers) and NSW Contingent HQ Team.  

For more details on the formation of the NSW Contingent, follow this link.

A Jamboree Troop is made of up to 36 Scouts (female and male) and up to five Line Leaders (female and male) from Scout Troops within the same Region.  There are various supporting groups available to the Jamboree Troop including: Contingent Welfare Leaders, Subcamp Teams, Medical and the NSW Contingent HQ Team.

The NSW Contingent HQ Team comprises a number of functional areas including: Camping, Communications, Transport, Health and Welfare and Administration.  These resources provide the structure and operational needs of the NSW Contingent and its' members. The NSW Contingent Leader and NSW Contingent Directors are the primary responsible positions for the management of the NSW Contingent.

Are you eligible to attend?

General Attendance

All attendees at AJ2016 are required to be a member of a Contingent and the first criteria is that all attendees must be either a registered: Scout, Venturer, Rover or hold a Certificate of Adult Appointment, or be a registered member of Scouts Australia NSW (e.g. Office Holders, Fellowship, etc).

If you qualify as a 'registered member' of Scouts Australia NSW then click here to read about the additional criteria according to your 'registration type'. If you meet, or will meet the required criteria prior to AJ2016 you are invited to complete an application to join the NSW Contingent to AJ2016.

Visitors Day

Jamborees are popular and important events.  Parents and visitors are invited to attend the Jamboree on Visitors Day.

Registration for Visitors Day will open October 2015.

Future Scout Day

Cub Scouts and Joey Scouts are invited to Future Scout Day to taste the world of Jamborees - their turn is coming up!  Visit a Jamboree Troop site, try out some of the activities available, visit the Mall - see what it is all about!

Registration for Future Scouts Day will open October 2015.


Every Scout, Venturer, Rover Leader or Other Adult is required to complete an online application.  Applications for Scouts are closed, Service Leaders, Rovers and Venturers are still open. 

For further information:




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For Contingent Members

Registrations Accepted by the Contingent as at 30th August 2015:

2,499 Scouts

101 Venturers

103 Rovers

743 Leaders

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